The Most Popular All-natural Spray for Your Pets!

P.A.W.S For Furry Friends is a non-alcoholic and chemical spray that helps to relieve the bacterial skin infection, allergies related to skin, fungal infection, scratching and grooming, and itching.


• The formula is pH-balanced for the sensitive skin of pets.
• Cleans & disinfects as an aid against bacterial & fungal skin infections for pets  
• Non-irritating, alcohol-free
• Effective and completely safe when used with your pets
• A Non-Toxic and Temperature tolerant spray that provides rapid results.
• Fast Acting, heal and soothe Infections of your pets.

Directions for Use

Shake it well before using

For Dry Application: Spray directly to your pet's coat and skin, let it dry.

For Wet Application: After removing the excess moisture, spray directly to the pet's coat and skin.

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